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Kanye West – Genius or Fool?

We discussed this very briefly yesterday on Volume 3 of The Solution Summit but I wanted to go a little deeper into this:

I find it interesting when I listen to Kanye speak because I often find myself deeply provoked to thought by the things he says and even in agreement with him to a certain extent. He seems to be deeply insightful but his delivery has gotten him into some trouble over the years. My question to that is, does he not understand tact or is it that his thought process is so different from most people that no matter how he delivered it, it would still come across as far out.

Now Kanye hasn’t done himself any favors by being brash and over-reactive as you will see in this interview with Sway. The question came up yesterday as to whether the over-the-top antics are a calculated, anti-Art of War move on his part. I mean after all, Americans love to see drama and Kanye has gotten a great deal of new publicity based on this 5-10 minute rant about fashion. It also comes just as Kanye is in the middle of his “Yeesus” tour.

I believe that most people would be hard-pressed to peg Kanye as unintelligent but does he have moments of insanity and does it just so happen that, unlike most of us, his comes while he is in the public spotlight. I don’t know “Ye”…..keep making music, making news, and we’ll keep watching. Stop wearing the kilts though!

Speak on it!


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