If we’re being honest….

Racism is as inherent to the upbringing of some people as is 2+2; but as egregious as racism is, it is not the actual state of racism that is most dangerous today. You see, racism can be made to be invisible; cloaked in a barrage of lies, deceit, and cover ups. An undetectable disease is the worst kind of disease because it becomes very difficult to fight what you cannot see.

To tolerate a certain group of people or to even befriend a certain group of people is one thing; but to then place that same group of people on a playing field equal to the one in which you are playing on is an entirely different thing altogether. To be tolerated and to be deemed equal, are as far away from the same thing as is the east from the west. I am a believer in humanity and the love that is capable of permeating throughout the lives of all humans; but what I am not, is ignorant to the fact that racism is a cancer to the progress of so many of my brothers and sisters. It is a hindrance to the purpose for which we were created.

We can speak on guns and politics, but until we acknowledge that we are not living in a “post racial society”, we will continue to fall victim to the disease that is racism. If you dislike me but pretend to like me, I have no way to change your opinion of me. If you misunderstand me but make no effort to inform me of your ignorance, then I cannot teach you. To act is if we don’t see color is a dangerous and irresponsible outlook. I see your color just as you see mine and if something about your color makes me uncomfortable, I should have the freedom to express that to you in an effort to seek understanding for my current state of ignorance and vice versa.

A woman of Romanian descent recently told me that she was told by her Romanian parents before coming to this country that, “If you ever date an African American we will disown you”. Sounds crazy huh? But if we’re being honest, how many of you have either been told that by your own parents or know someone who thinks this way; but yet and still refuse to acknowledge that this is racism?

We will never heal until we acknowledge that we are hurting. Hundreds of years of enslavement have left my people in a state of disarray. Hundreds of years of regret, shame and misunderstanding have left those who don’t look like me in a different but relatively equal state of disarray. The healing must happen collectively and it has to start by acknowledging that there is a problem.

I see color, I see racism, I see humanity, but I also see God and because of Him I trust that there is a solution.

My words, my thoughts, my truth…

Be Well Always, in ALL WAYS,

Justin Jamar


Super > Natural Shoutouts (June 2015)

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Ronny Vega & Natalie Murray

Despite some of the most horrible atrocities being witnessed in this world, there are lots of incredible people who are doing some very impactful and uplifting things. I have had the pleasure of meeting, working with, and developing friendships with some of those people. When I decided to write a book, I wasn’t sure how it was going to be received or who, if anyone, would support it. To be honest, it really didn’t matter. I had something to say and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that someone needed to hear it.

Since the book’s release, I can’t tell you how overwhelming the support has been. It has been such a humbling experience reading comments and letters from people expressing their feelings about my work and the numerous ways it has impacted them. My team and I decided that we would begin to recognize some people who have been at the forefront of getting the word out about Wrapped In Skin. Our idea was to periodically put some of these people on their own pedestals and highlight some of the great work that they do. If you’ve read the book, you know that I am very fond of the phrase, “No man is an island”. In order to be successful and have a meaningful existence, you need people who, not only believe in you, but who believe with you.

This month, we are highlighting two special individuals who have helped spread some of the messages in the book by, not only sharing images and excerpts, but by also living lives that are reflective of the book’s premise.

I had the pleasure of working with Ronny Vega many years ago when he was producing a short film in Orlando FL. There aren’t too many people whom you meet who have such a transparent and honest integrity about them. I hadn’t spoken to Ronny in years but when I mentioned my book to him, he wasted no time getting the word out. It was because of the connection that we had made while working on the film that he was able to believe in the product without ever even reading a word; simply because he knew me and knew my heart.

Ronny’s team, Envizion Films has several projects in the works. They are working to get funds for their first feature film. You can take a look at the campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theway/the-way-fighters-twitch

Ronny’s stories tend to focus on the human struggle. This quote from Ronny will give you some insight as to what makes him “go” and what keeps him chasing his life’s purpose:

“I had a dream once, and I knew I was dreaming in the dream. I asked why I was there and the man told me ‘Because you are a director of life’. That dream stuck with me, I believe I have a final portrait of a film to make that can move people spiritually one day. My team Envizion Films has a long road ahead, and we are well prepared to take on anything in our way.” ~ Ronny Vega

Please support this guy! He is a phenomenally talented and genuine person.



Natalie Murray’s support has been unwavering since the first time I met her and she has continued to support Wrapped In Skin. I will say this, she is one of the most knowledgeable and personable nutrition/weight loss consultants that I have ever met. She gets the job done and is a product of her own product!

She is a Nutrition and Fitness Coach and Co Founder of Adventure Core Nutrition and Fitness. They are based in Johns Creek/ Alpharetta area and work with clients all over Metro Atlanta. Their philosophy is based on Science and Physiology. Her vision is to end the dieting madness and teach clients how to use food to create hormonal balance. The goal for 2015 is to help her clients shed 1000 lb of fat via their 8 week 3 step program.

According to Natalie, “We are not what we eat- we are what we metabolise”

She teaches her clients to balance out their blood sugar by eating a balance  of macronutrients – protein -fat -carbohydrate every 3 hours. Their 3 step program has 3 phases “Detox – Ignite -Thrive”.

She teaches clients how to reprogram their metabolism and their set point, burst through the plateau, and balance out the hormones. She applies real life strategies and focuses on a nourishing approach to feed the body, mind, and spirit.

She loves motivating and inspiring others to be their best self, regain back body confidence, and change their mindset.

Natalie says;

“Perfection is a myth, our focus is to make changes 1% at a time whilst renewing and restoring your zest for life. It is not only people with diabetes that need to balance their blood sugar, everyone benefits, you, your family, and your friends. Prevention is better than a cure!”


These are two special people and I truly appreciate their support!!!

I can’t wait to see who we get to highlight next month!


Be Well Always, In ALL WAYS

Justin Jamar


“Do you think you have been through enough?” (This is for someone out there)

Someone asked me a very important question last night; “Do you think that you have been through enough?”. Now, normally a question like this would come as a shock to most people. The truth was, however, that I had asked this question of myself and other people in the past, so I was very familiar with the thought process that went into it. She followed the question up with a clarifying statement saying, “Sometimes I think that I have to endure more hardship and gain more experience before I can fully achieve my purpose in life; I need my testimony to be as powerful as possible in order to reach people”.

We often assume that experience and hardship are synonymous. They are not. I used to believe that in order to have an impact on people, I needed to be able to share with them the things that I had gone through and how I had rebounded from them. The truth of the matter is, all I really needed was awareness, gratitude, compassion, and love in order to impact people. One way to gain a deeper level of these things is to actually go through experiences that fortify their meaning; but that’s not the only way. You see, we are all born with these traits. We are all born with an awareness of who we are and what our purpose in life is. We are all born with a level of gratitude for the air that we breathe and for the people in our lives and for God. We are all born with the ability to feel deeply compassionate towards those who hurt and are sick. Finally, we are all born with a heart to love unconditionally. As we know, most of us do not stay that way. The world has a way of eroding those characteristics out of people; and for some of us, the only way to get back to understanding these feelings is by going through things that force us closer to God.

Testimonies are powerful because they show other people that, “I know what you’re going through”; but compassion is not only based on experience. Compassion, like love, gratitude, and awareness, is God-given. Never for a second believe that you can’t positively impact the lives of other people because you haven’t gone through the same things that they have. If you want to effect people in a positive way, all you need to do is ask God for these 4 traits. Do not wait for your testimony to be “worthy” before you get to work on what God wants you to do, because that day might never come. You can’t wait around when people need you now. If the idea to do something great has entered your spirit, then I have news for you; you are more than capable of doing that. If you can see it, you can be it. If you can believe it, you can achieve it. Don’t accept suffering by saying, “Its necessary”; ask God to show you how to become more proficient at love, compassion, gratitude, and awareness so that you can keep yourself and others from suffering. Be useable and open to God’s plan for your life. Be great in the place that you are and you will eventually be great in the place you’re going and all along the way!

Be Well Always, In All Ways

Justin Jamar

Unbridled Gifts


Unbridled Gifts

There is a wellspring on the inside of each and every human being; an untapped source of astronomical potential. It is so bright that if it were to be let out, it would provide light to thousands of people. It would nourish those who are starving, it would heal those who ache, it would uplift those who are in despondent situations.

This wellspring cries to us everyday “Let me out, please let me shine. The longer I stay locked up, the weaker I become. Please let me show myself to the world.” Our response is often, to spend our whole lives keeping that voice caged up; strangling it to death with a lack of courage and a lack of faith. By the time some of us let it out, it is weak and is only able to do a fraction of what it was once capable of.

If you love that voice and cherish that voice and believe in that voice; open the cage. Let the world see it. I promise you, it takes way more energy and effort to keep your gift locked up then it does to let it out. That business idea you have, that trip you want to take, that love letter you want to write….listen to me;


Be Well Always, In All Ways,

Justin Jamar

“Wrapped In Skin” Now Available for pre-order!!!!

I am happy to announce that “Wrapped In Skin” will be available for worldwide distribution on April 21st!! You will be able to pick it up via all of the major distribution channels including; Amazon, Amazon Europe, Kindle, etc.

In the meantime; you can go to www.wrappedinskin.com and pre-order now!!

I am so excited for all of you who have been and will be a part of this journey with me. Be Well!

feeling blessed.

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