If we’re being honest….

Racism is as inherent to the upbringing of some people as is 2+2; but as egregious as racism is, it is not the actual state of racism that is most dangerous today. You see, racism can be made to be invisible; cloaked in a barrage of lies, deceit, and cover ups. An undetectable disease is the worst kind of disease because it becomes very difficult to fight what you cannot see.

To tolerate a certain group of people or to even befriend a certain group of people is one thing; but to then place that same group of people on a playing field equal to the one in which you are playing on is an entirely different thing altogether. To be tolerated and to be deemed equal, are as far away from the same thing as is the east from the west. I am a believer in humanity and the love that is capable of permeating throughout the lives of all humans; but what I am not, is ignorant to the fact that racism is a cancer to the progress of so many of my brothers and sisters. It is a hindrance to the purpose for which we were created.

We can speak on guns and politics, but until we acknowledge that we are not living in a “post racial society”, we will continue to fall victim to the disease that is racism. If you dislike me but pretend to like me, I have no way to change your opinion of me. If you misunderstand me but make no effort to inform me of your ignorance, then I cannot teach you. To act is if we don’t see color is a dangerous and irresponsible outlook. I see your color just as you see mine and if something about your color makes me uncomfortable, I should have the freedom to express that to you in an effort to seek understanding for my current state of ignorance and vice versa.

A woman of Romanian descent recently told me that she was told by her Romanian parents before coming to this country that, “If you ever date an African American we will disown you”. Sounds crazy huh? But if we’re being honest, how many of you have either been told that by your own parents or know someone who thinks this way; but yet and still refuse to acknowledge that this is racism?

We will never heal until we acknowledge that we are hurting. Hundreds of years of enslavement have left my people in a state of disarray. Hundreds of years of regret, shame and misunderstanding have left those who don’t look like me in a different but relatively equal state of disarray. The healing must happen collectively and it has to start by acknowledging that there is a problem.

I see color, I see racism, I see humanity, but I also see God and because of Him I trust that there is a solution.

My words, my thoughts, my truth…

Be Well Always, in ALL WAYS,

Justin Jamar

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