“Do you think you have been through enough?” (This is for someone out there)

Someone asked me a very important question last night; “Do you think that you have been through enough?”. Now, normally a question like this would come as a shock to most people. The truth was, however, that I had asked this question of myself and other people in the past, so I was very familiar with the thought process that went into it. She followed the question up with a clarifying statement saying, “Sometimes I think that I have to endure more hardship and gain more experience before I can fully achieve my purpose in life; I need my testimony to be as powerful as possible in order to reach people”.

We often assume that experience and hardship are synonymous. They are not. I used to believe that in order to have an impact on people, I needed to be able to share with them the things that I had gone through and how I had rebounded from them. The truth of the matter is, all I really needed was awareness, gratitude, compassion, and love in order to impact people. One way to gain a deeper level of these things is to actually go through experiences that fortify their meaning; but that’s not the only way. You see, we are all born with these traits. We are all born with an awareness of who we are and what our purpose in life is. We are all born with a level of gratitude for the air that we breathe and for the people in our lives and for God. We are all born with the ability to feel deeply compassionate towards those who hurt and are sick. Finally, we are all born with a heart to love unconditionally. As we know, most of us do not stay that way. The world has a way of eroding those characteristics out of people; and for some of us, the only way to get back to understanding these feelings is by going through things that force us closer to God.

Testimonies are powerful because they show other people that, “I know what you’re going through”; but compassion is not only based on experience. Compassion, like love, gratitude, and awareness, is God-given. Never for a second believe that you can’t positively impact the lives of other people because you haven’t gone through the same things that they have. If you want to effect people in a positive way, all you need to do is ask God for these 4 traits. Do not wait for your testimony to be “worthy” before you get to work on what God wants you to do, because that day might never come. You can’t wait around when people need you now. If the idea to do something great has entered your spirit, then I have news for you; you are more than capable of doing that. If you can see it, you can be it. If you can believe it, you can achieve it. Don’t accept suffering by saying, “Its necessary”; ask God to show you how to become more proficient at love, compassion, gratitude, and awareness so that you can keep yourself and others from suffering. Be useable and open to God’s plan for your life. Be great in the place that you are and you will eventually be great in the place you’re going and all along the way!

Be Well Always, In All Ways

Justin Jamar

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