Unbridled Gifts


Unbridled Gifts

There is a wellspring on the inside of each and every human being; an untapped source of astronomical potential. It is so bright that if it were to be let out, it would provide light to thousands of people. It would nourish those who are starving, it would heal those who ache, it would uplift those who are in despondent situations.

This wellspring cries to us everyday “Let me out, please let me shine. The longer I stay locked up, the weaker I become. Please let me show myself to the world.” Our response is often, to spend our whole lives keeping that voice caged up; strangling it to death with a lack of courage and a lack of faith. By the time some of us let it out, it is weak and is only able to do a fraction of what it was once capable of.

If you love that voice and cherish that voice and believe in that voice; open the cage. Let the world see it. I promise you, it takes way more energy and effort to keep your gift locked up then it does to let it out. That business idea you have, that trip you want to take, that love letter you want to write….listen to me;


Be Well Always, In All Ways,

Justin Jamar

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