Prisoners Of The Calendar


On this New Year’s Day, I want you to ponder these thoughts;

“Has your life become just a series of starts, stops, and restarts?”

“Have you let yourself off of the hook by saying, next year I’ll be better, I’ll do better, I’ll do more, I’ll find God, I will find my purpose in life?”

When are you gonna put your head down and press forward into everyday as if it’s a new opportunity and stop believing that just because the calendar changes, you will automatically change. What I am speaking of is a consistent effort to meet God in a place where He can make you new. A daily, even hourly, rejuvenation of your spirit, mind, and body. We have become prisoners to a calendar. We allow it to dictate our moods, our effort, and our performance. It tells us when to be happy and when to be sad. It tells us when to spend time with our friends and family. Most importantly, it tells us when to spend time with God.

My challenge to you on this day is to throw the calendar out of your mind. Stop allowing this man-made mechanism of tracking time to rule your life and tell you when to dream and when to live. Everyday is a new opportunity and a new possibility. Monday is monday only by name, but the effort that you put into it and the subsequent outcome belongs to you. Wherever you find yourself on this day, make it the best one yet and tomorrow even better; not because the calendar told you to, but because you owe it to yourself and to God to find meaning in every moment.

Happy New Day!

Justin Jamar – The Elevation Project – @OneJustinJamar

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