The Elevation Project – Justin Jamar – Docu-Series

An Addiction Story

There are so many things that divide us in this society. Our differences are highlighted in an attempt to suppress or to surpass; an endless competition amongst flawed creatures….yes, physically flawed creatures. You see it is not our similarities in attribute that will ultimately unite us, it is the common thread of flawed humanity that will ultimately awaken us to the fact that we have an obligation to share this world with others of whom we are no better than and of whom we have no right to look down upon; but indeed have a God-given duty to enrich and to uplift those enthralled in struggle and turmoil.

It will be the look in the eyes of your next door neighbor that will force you to come to grips with the reality that none of us are humanly perfect and are thus not far removed from the tragedies that others endure. Forget what you thought the face of the abused “looks like”, what the face of the abuser “looks like”, what the face of the rape victim “looks like”, what the face of the adulterer/adulteress “looks like”, and what the face of the drug addict “looks like”. Put aside those silly facades and stereotypes and come to the realization that no matter what the face is, that face deserves love, understanding, compassion, and that face deserves the opportunity to be better. Humanity is special in that we have the opportunity to learn from other’s mistakes without having to actually go through them ourselves. What is required for the learning to occur, however, is an open mind that is free from judgment and condemnation; a spirit that understands, that our flaws are communal flaws. A spirit that realizes that the earth is a living, breathing organism and none of us exists on an island.

This docu-series will be detailing some incredible stories told by some incredibly special people. They have been honest and transparent about their experiences in the hopes that their stories can help change the trajectory of other lives that might be heading down similar paths. This particular video is an addiction story and it may not have the face that you’re used to; but the face is real and it is human and it can be closer than you ever thought. Thanks for watching and reading. Please share this video!!

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