The Voltron Epiphany – By: Justin Jamar

God is the ultimate creator, the ultimate multi-tasker. He is so good at what He does and made us so divinely magnificent, that we begin to take credit for our own marvelous existence. Its like that movie “Rise of the Machines”. The machines began to try to underscore the efforts their creator. We get so caught up in the machine (our physical body) that we forget that we are who we are in spirit first. We fail to recognize that our spirit is the pilot of the machine.

Let me explain it this way. Each human body is a machine…a vessel. Each is different, but yet of brilliant design. Each machine is specifically created for the challenges associated with its spirit’s individual purpose. As a kid, I used to watch this awesome cartoon called “Voltron”. It was a cartoon about a team of young space cadets that had been chosen to protect the planet earth from an evil, mutant invader. The way they were to go about doing this was by utilizing the abilities of these giant robot lions. Each of these lions was special in its on right. They each had a unique gift that none of the others possessed. Sure, they had weaknesses as well but their gifts were so great, that when properly utilized, they could easily overcome any deficiencies.

As magnificent as the lions were, they were nothing without the pilot. Each space cadet fit with one individual lion like a glove. Once the cadet took hold of the controls, he or she could be almost unstoppable inside of the lion. The pilot of the green lion couldn’t pilot the red lion and vice versa. Each one, specific for its given talent and skills according to its purpose on the team.

By understanding their individual machine and following the plan of the “Lead Lion” (their God), they were always able to defeat the evil invader. At times the situation looked dim. Faith in their abilities, in one another, and in the plan of the leader always enabled them to have victory.

You and you alone, were chosen to power your machine. To do this, you must first recognize yourself as the pilot and not the machine. Your job is to utilize the capabilities of the machine in order to achieve your goal. Whether its ridding the world of an evil invader as did the “Voltron Force”, or curing the world of cancer, your purpose is yours and yours alone.

We must take care of our “lion”. We must nurture, protect, and develop it; but the lion without the pilot is useless. You are a spirit with a body, not the other way around.

Be great. Be unstoppable. Be Voltron!

Justin Jamar

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