The Fisherman

Artist: delmadonascomolina DELS COLLECTION

Artist: delmadonascomolina

Tonight we will examine the happenings between the fisherman and his catch. In order for a fisherman to be successful at his craft, he must do a few things well. He has to first get a firm grasp on his strengths and his weaknesses. You see he might be very adept at waiting patiently for the fish to bite but he lacks a little aggressiveness when it comes to setting the hook. He might know very well how to read the oceans, lakes, and riverbeds but he’s not so great at being quiet so he scares the fish away.

Secondly, in order to excel at this craft, he must know exactly what sort of catch he is looking for. If his appetite is for swordfish, it will do him no good to bait his hook with the cuisine of a trout. Nor will he be successful if he doesn’t change the place in which he fishes.

This is where it begins to get interesting. I don’t know if you knew this or not but the catch has a huge say so in the matter. In order to evade capture, a few things should be done (that is, if in fact it doesn’t want to be caught). First, it should be overly apprehensive of anything that even looks “to good to be true”. This does have a high propensity to backfire because it can leave the catch starving by passing up what is meant to nourish it.

Secondly, in order for the catch to evade capture, it should change its appetite as often as possible in order to keep the fisherman guessing as to what bait to use.  This will leave the fisherman bewildered and off-balance.

Finally, it should make itself available to multiple fisherman in order to create competition. The fisherman has a tendency to get so caught up into what the other fishermen are doing that he begins to lose focus on the actual catch.

If the catch always avoided being caught and the fisherman never figured himself out, there would be a severe lack of Real Fisherman and an abundance of fish with no one to catch them.

If you haven’t already arrived at the paralleled conclusion, so too are men and women. Fisherman and fish. Men that are too incompetent and lack introspection to succeed in finding a woman and women that are too apprehensive, indecisive, and self-involved to be caught.

There are many lakes, rivers, ponds, and oceans….your fish is out there and so too is your fisherman. Are you doing everything in your power to catch it? Are you allowing yourself the opportunity to be captured?


The sea holds onto its own. Its waves batter the fisherman as he tries to pull in his catch. He thinks he only battles the sea so his mind is focused on that, only to find that he has captured a fish trapped in another man’s net. ~ Justin Jamar

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