The Best Man Holiday Movie Review



So let’s get into this new movie, “The Best Man Holiday”. This to me is a phenomenal piece of cinema. The original Best Man was obviously a classic so I was a little hesitant about seeing this one. Sequels rarely hold a candle to the original but after all of the hype that has been built up around it, I decided I had to go see it. I don’t need mention that some of my favorite actors and a few of the finest women that God ever created are in this film!

I thought the film was clever and extremely heartfelt. The actors seemed to fall effortlessly back into their characters without missing a beat.  Malcom Lee did such a phenomenal job with the cast in his first effort that this time literally feels like a class reunion. The cast meshes together in a really phenomenal fashion.

As usual with this particular genre of movie, it tackled some very heavy issues such as motherhood, infidelity, and morality. It does do a good job of keeping the pace by mixing comedy and melodrama. As you will hear in my video review, I thought Nia Long did a fabulous job (but I LOVE Nia Long….seriously Nia, I LOVE you).  Nia, Taye (Diggs), and Terrence (Howard) where the  standouts in this revamped sequel.

Overall I thought this was a very well-done effort. It was really good considering the 14 years between the original and its sequel. The movie has also added fuel to the upcoming ‘Solution Summit Hangout’ so stay tuned for that and be ready to dive into some topics that were brought up in this movie.

Finally, if you were a fan of the first movie, this is a must see for you. Go solo or with a date. Either way you will find it to be a great way to spend an evening!

– Justin Jamar (The Solution Summit Founder)

3 thoughts on “The Best Man Holiday Movie Review

  1. this had to be one of the best sequels i have witnessed; this movie was astounding.. it was more than i expected. The characters all played their characters exceptionally well!! I laughed, cried, then lauged some more..ive never felt so many emotions. Will there be a part 3 is the question??!!! I reccomend everyone to go see this movie! Kudos to all who took part in making this movie!!!

    • I agree that this was possibly the best sequel i have ever seen outside of an action film. I thought it was incredibly well-done, especially considering the significant amount of time that has passed since the first one! I think we can expect to see a part 3, however, my suggestion would be to end on this incredibly high note. I would say that part 3 would probably not be as good and the studio will likely rush it in order to capitalize on the success of this one.

      Great movie!

  2. I loved this movie so much that I saw it twice…which I never do, especially with these movie prices as they are. (yup I paid for the first and second viewing) 😉 What I enjoyed most were the vulnerabilities of the men, the friendship, the love, the ups and the downs. It kept right along with that connection of the friends from college. As a woman watching it, these characters just reminded me of the men that are still out there, that can talk to their boys about money, fertility issues, God, Loss, their wives pasts, but still have a respect and a gentleness about them that doesn’t limit them nor have them losing their masculinity. Beautifully done! Might go see it again, keep my hopes alive in a land where these men I just described are just at the surface and hard to find. 😉

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